Friday, September 23, 2011

I feel the Autumn breeze.....

So it begins – Summer is officially over with and Autumn moves in.  I promise to be a big girl and won’t pout or think about my how I will miss putting on a cute cotton dress and flip flops while I roam the city.  Though its not my favorite season, I definitely have a few high points of fall – pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, colorful leaves on the trees, haunted houses for Halloween and of course let’s not forget THANKSGIVING!!!  Turkey, yams, ham, mashed potatoes, buttered rolls …..yum yum yummy.  So while it will be hard to let go of the sun glistening off the crystals of my shades I can’t wait for the memories that will happen this fall.  Tell me your favorite part of Autumn/Fall, whether its wearing a scarf or the cutesy special edition Starbucks cups with the limited fall edition beverages.  Talk to me! I’m all ears.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Taste of Summer

Hi Darlings !!!

I have been busy lately trying to enjoy the last few days of the New York summer. Being a May baby in the south I have always enjoyed the summer season – riding bikes with friends, snowballs (snow-cones for those up north), flip flops with brightly polished toes, drinking sweet tea on the porch and of course being able to pull out the Dukes of Hazard style daisy dukes ;).  Of course being a belle above the Mason Dixon line is much different than below I still manage to create wonderful memories.  This summer I saw the pink sand of Bermuda, surfed in Cabo, made it to the top of the Eiffel tower and biked through Paris! What more can a belle ask for??!! So as these final days past and autumn brings in a new leaf, I wanted to have one last ode to summer and all the totally sweet things it brings.  If you are going to miss summer as much as I will, put on your shades, and raise your glass of sweet tea!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday - $100 Gift Card giveaway at Brooklyn Threads

As promised we have one last giveaway for fashion week!  The talented Joanna of Brooklyn Threads is promoting a $100 gift card to Shopbop which can be used to grab a brand spanking new hot handbag for fall.  Some of Shopbop’s newest arrivals include designers like Philip Lim and Felix Ray.  While you are on the Brooklyn Threads blog take the time to also check out the shop.  Joanna makes gorgeous pieces with a bohemian feel.  She recently released some skeleton key necklaces, perfect to coordinate with a cozy, comfy long sleeve tee for the upcoming chilly weather.  A winner will be chosen September 22nd so check it out and act soon!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hang it Up - It's Giveaway Time

In celebration of NYC fashion week we will be helping to promote fashionable giveaways by other sweet bloggers.  Up today is an essential piece - a hanger.  Imagine hanging your favorite dress on a hanger personally designed for you!!! Check out the Lila Frances giveaway on Lovely Little Details!! Be sure to act quickly as a winner will be chosen Friday! Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Love Lucy

Hi dolls!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I have been wracking my brain over which topic would be next on the agenda and realized to kick this week off with 2 things I love - The 'I love Lucy Show' and fashion.  I start my morning off EVERY morning with watching Lucy.  In fact she works as my clock of sorts, because I know if Lucy goes off and Golden Girls (another classic I love) comes on then it's time for me to start heading out the door.  Who can resist watching a woman who would do almost anything to make you laugh!!?

I was talking to one of my darling brides I am working with and she totally loves Lucy so much that she is designing her wedding dress around Lucy's fashion.  We deemed her the quintessential housewife - with the sparkly dresses and sheer aprons Lucy was undoubtedly the most fashionable housewife around.  I always love to watch her whisk around the couch and watch  her long dresses sway with her as she tries to talk Ricky into being in the show. She broke barriers way before June Cleaver and essentially helped women everywhere to believe we could be more than just housewives by having more than 3 shows with her as the main character.  Every episode is memorable, but if I have to choose a favorite it would definitely have to be the Vitameatavegamin girl episode.  She did so well (I thought she had finally proved Ricky wrong)!  Only to become drunk off the product.  Though she was a city wife in the beginning as the show grew so did the Ricardo's, moving to Hollywood and eventually upstate New York into the country, which is my favorite Lucy show era.  The trouble she was able to find when she had a backyard - like losing her ring trying to build a bar-b-que pit in the backyard and talking Ethel into helping her take it apart - is truly priceless. 

So do you have a favorite episode or time of Lucy that you always crack a smile when you think of it? Let me know!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spreading Love through Helping Others

The past few months I can't tell you how many emails I have sent looking for help, then one day, one email, one special person, changed all of that.  She helped me to remember that one person can truly change the world one day at a time and I am a believer of 'pay it forward'.  This year I am dedicated to helping others the way she helped me, starting right here.

While reading Lovely Little Details which is basically my daily wedding bible, there was a post that made me stop and appreciate my blessings.  I couldn't help but share this story and hope that you take the time to help this family.

Without knowing the full story the family above seem like a healthy brood of boys with a loving mother (Stephanie) who is expecting.  Unfortunately, the pictures are missing a huge piece - Dad. At only 35 years old Justin went to sleep and never woke up, leaving behind those gorgeous smiles and a baby who he will never meet as Stephanie was only 5 months pregnant when this tragedy struck.  

The pictures alone show the strength this family has and is showing beauty even when times are tough. Stephanie and her boys can use our help and there is more than one way you can contribute.  A Lovely Lady named Jacin is making jars {with love} of delicious jam and all the proceeds sold will be contributed to this darling family.  Click on the link and purchase a jar, or two, or even a few.  If you can't have jam then simply give the new school way and make a donation to the J.P.M Memorial fund directly through paypal.   Finally, if  you don't want to do either of the above you can mail in a payment the old fashion way to the family's financial advisor.  The address along with more details on this courageous family can be found on Emily's website, who is the very talented photographer of these photos.

Thanks for reading and feel free to tweet, repost, add to FB or any other way to get the word out!!!