Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spreading Love through Helping Others

The past few months I can't tell you how many emails I have sent looking for help, then one day, one email, one special person, changed all of that.  She helped me to remember that one person can truly change the world one day at a time and I am a believer of 'pay it forward'.  This year I am dedicated to helping others the way she helped me, starting right here.

While reading Lovely Little Details which is basically my daily wedding bible, there was a post that made me stop and appreciate my blessings.  I couldn't help but share this story and hope that you take the time to help this family.

Without knowing the full story the family above seem like a healthy brood of boys with a loving mother (Stephanie) who is expecting.  Unfortunately, the pictures are missing a huge piece - Dad. At only 35 years old Justin went to sleep and never woke up, leaving behind those gorgeous smiles and a baby who he will never meet as Stephanie was only 5 months pregnant when this tragedy struck.  

The pictures alone show the strength this family has and is showing beauty even when times are tough. Stephanie and her boys can use our help and there is more than one way you can contribute.  A Lovely Lady named Jacin is making jars {with love} of delicious jam and all the proceeds sold will be contributed to this darling family.  Click on the link and purchase a jar, or two, or even a few.  If you can't have jam then simply give the new school way and make a donation to the J.P.M Memorial fund directly through paypal.   Finally, if  you don't want to do either of the above you can mail in a payment the old fashion way to the family's financial advisor.  The address along with more details on this courageous family can be found on Emily's website, who is the very talented photographer of these photos.

Thanks for reading and feel free to tweet, repost, add to FB or any other way to get the word out!!! 

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