Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugalistic Friday Find

So this fall I had my eye on a cape coat.  Of course knowing that they would go on sale I waited it out and got a SUPER deal on a Calvin Klein double breasted cape coat from Macy’s!!!  Originally priced at $220 after sale discounts and my Macy’s star rewards coupon I got this baby for $123.99!!  After researching I realized that in a cape I wanted one that would actually close on the sides to keep the wind out and I also wanted the sleeves to come down to my wrists.  All of these requirements were so that the cape actually served the purpose of keeping me warm while being fashionable.  A lot of the capes didn’t stand up to the test – some sleeves stopped at my elbows, others had open spaces on the sides with only a 1-button snap to keep it closed.  The Calvin Klein not only belted to keep the coat closed, but the sleeves stopped right at my wrists.  An extra plus is the rounded collar can be buttoned on the sides to keep the wind off your neck or pushed up and change the look of the cape.  It’s so multifunctional!  Unfortunately, it has sold out online!! But I did find that Macy’s currently has them in stock in stores and they are on sale for 30% off.  Match that with the weekly coupon mailers or your star rewards coupon and it makes it all worth it!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Made Strides....

So Sunday morning (the last day of my precious weekend) I woke up really early ( it wasn’t bright because the sun hadn’t come out yet) to go walk in support of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Central Park.  I had been talking about doing this for awhile, but this month my cousin Lynn discovered she had breast cancer and had one of her breast removed.  This prompted to me to stop talking and get to walking.  Prior to showing up that day I didn’t know this walk would be 5 miles (I slept for 3 hours when I got home lol), but I was definitely amazed by the large crowd that came to support, many of which were survivors!  So with my pink camera and pink trimmed Nike’s I walked Central Park with a few co-workers and enjoyed the sites of the city while we walked from the East side to the West side and finally back to the East side of upper New York.  Survivors wore pink sashes and shirts with the word ‘survivor’ on the back, while family and friends of survivors wore signs that said 'I Am Making Strides for (person’s name here)'. It was great to see smiles on everyone’s faces as it shows the hope and joy in beating this disease and making strides in finding a cure so that other women and families in the future can forgo this battle!

Hi my name is Kewain and I made strides for my cousin Lynn and boobies everywhere!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Frugalistic Friday Find

Okay darlings here’s a little secret of mine…..I love a sale.  Adore, worship, drool for ….however you like to put it - if a sale is going on I am there!!  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind paying full price for the classic Louis V or Kate Spade every now and again but you have to cut corners somewhere to scrap up that extra cash for those and a sale is where it’s at.  So one of my best lessons my mom ever taught me about shopping was to shop off season.  Now mom shopped so much while she was pregnant with me, my grandmother thought she would go into labor at the mall so her advice is golden.  This is when you definitely find the best deals.  So to prove a point, I figured I would share the little gem I found last week from Anthropologie.  This season I had my eye on one of the high-waist swimsuits, but my frugal mind couldn’t let me in good conscious pay such exorbitant prices ($95.00 and up for each piece!) on underwear that is meant to get wet!  So I held out and got a gem!!  I bought the baby below on sale for $60.00 total!! Did I mention I LOVE a deal??  Now of course no good thing comes without a little work, as only one piece of the swimsuit was showing online, so I gave Anthropologie customer service a call.  They told me that they did have both pieces in stock and guess what else? They gave me free shipping (heart skips a beat here)!!!  I can’t wait for next season to wear this.  Actually, I am thinking of taking a winter trip to somewhere warm this year to get a break from the NY winters and wear it then.  Either way this baby has some major plans ahead for it.  I decided to put together a little montage of one of the ways I plan on dressing it up.

Just a side note -  this Sunday I will be walking in the American Cancer Society Strides for Breast Cancer walk in Central Park.  I am dedicating this walk for a cousin who recently had her breast removed fighting the battle against breast cancer.  If you are in NY and would like to join our team please click here.  IT COSTS NOTHING TO PARTICIPATE!!!! ITS FREE!!!  Though if you would like to donate to the cause you can also visit the page and there is a link for that also.  Either way your support is appreciated!!  I will definitely share the pictures and stories from the day with you guys next week so please stay tuned!  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Diva Shower

Ok so I have been a bad blogger – it’s been about  2 weeks since I last updated but I have been busy….with what you ask.  Well a baby was born and I caught baby fever!!  She has us wrapped around her little fingers.  Chloe Cameron came into the world on Friday, September 16th and made everyone melt.  

So of course a little bundle as adorable as this couldn’t come into the world without a gorgeous party.  Ironically enough, the day of the baby shower, hurricane Irene was scheduled to hit the Northern region, threatening to cancel all the fun of Chloe’s coming out party.  The day of the shower the winds seemed to slow down and the pouring rains turned into a drizzle giving us a huge break for this backyard soirée.  Thanks to dedicated and loving friends and family everyone showed up and everything was a major success! The theme was zebra stripes with pink accents for the baby diva.  She is only 2 weeks old but she lives up to her diva title!!  Here are a few shots from the shower.  Can’t wait for her first birthday!