Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Diva Shower

Ok so I have been a bad blogger – it’s been about  2 weeks since I last updated but I have been busy….with what you ask.  Well a baby was born and I caught baby fever!!  She has us wrapped around her little fingers.  Chloe Cameron came into the world on Friday, September 16th and made everyone melt.  

So of course a little bundle as adorable as this couldn’t come into the world without a gorgeous party.  Ironically enough, the day of the baby shower, hurricane Irene was scheduled to hit the Northern region, threatening to cancel all the fun of Chloe’s coming out party.  The day of the shower the winds seemed to slow down and the pouring rains turned into a drizzle giving us a huge break for this backyard soirée.  Thanks to dedicated and loving friends and family everyone showed up and everything was a major success! The theme was zebra stripes with pink accents for the baby diva.  She is only 2 weeks old but she lives up to her diva title!!  Here are a few shots from the shower.  Can’t wait for her first birthday!

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  1. Love the hot pink and zebra print - very cute!