Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugalistic Friday Find

So this fall I had my eye on a cape coat.  Of course knowing that they would go on sale I waited it out and got a SUPER deal on a Calvin Klein double breasted cape coat from Macy’s!!!  Originally priced at $220 after sale discounts and my Macy’s star rewards coupon I got this baby for $123.99!!  After researching I realized that in a cape I wanted one that would actually close on the sides to keep the wind out and I also wanted the sleeves to come down to my wrists.  All of these requirements were so that the cape actually served the purpose of keeping me warm while being fashionable.  A lot of the capes didn’t stand up to the test – some sleeves stopped at my elbows, others had open spaces on the sides with only a 1-button snap to keep it closed.  The Calvin Klein not only belted to keep the coat closed, but the sleeves stopped right at my wrists.  An extra plus is the rounded collar can be buttoned on the sides to keep the wind off your neck or pushed up and change the look of the cape.  It’s so multifunctional!  Unfortunately, it has sold out online!! But I did find that Macy’s currently has them in stock in stores and they are on sale for 30% off.  Match that with the weekly coupon mailers or your star rewards coupon and it makes it all worth it!!