Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Made Strides....

So Sunday morning (the last day of my precious weekend) I woke up really early ( it wasn’t bright because the sun hadn’t come out yet) to go walk in support of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Central Park.  I had been talking about doing this for awhile, but this month my cousin Lynn discovered she had breast cancer and had one of her breast removed.  This prompted to me to stop talking and get to walking.  Prior to showing up that day I didn’t know this walk would be 5 miles (I slept for 3 hours when I got home lol), but I was definitely amazed by the large crowd that came to support, many of which were survivors!  So with my pink camera and pink trimmed Nike’s I walked Central Park with a few co-workers and enjoyed the sites of the city while we walked from the East side to the West side and finally back to the East side of upper New York.  Survivors wore pink sashes and shirts with the word ‘survivor’ on the back, while family and friends of survivors wore signs that said 'I Am Making Strides for (person’s name here)'. It was great to see smiles on everyone’s faces as it shows the hope and joy in beating this disease and making strides in finding a cure so that other women and families in the future can forgo this battle!

Hi my name is Kewain and I made strides for my cousin Lynn and boobies everywhere!!!

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