Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Southern Love: Meagan and Terrance {The Love Story}

So this week I introduced you to Meagan and Terrance who were wonderfully photographed by Tyrell Banks.  But I have been holding back on the part of the story that makes you go awwww.  The story of how they became engaged.  Of course I did tell that they met in college, but specifically they met when Meagan decided to join a professional fraternity in which Terrance was a member.  Through the pledge process Terrance picked on Meagan a bit, but on Valentine’s Day he called to say hello. 3 years later Terrance decided it was time to finally pop the question.

On a Friday evening during his lunch break Terrance went to Jared’s (jewelry store) to purchase the ring without Meagan knowing.  A wrench was thrown in his plan when Meagan called Terrance as she usually does during lunch.  He of course couldn’t answer the phone because Meagan would have heard the sales people greet other customers with ‘Welcome to Jared’s’ as they walked in the store.  So Meagan called a few more times with no answer from Terrance.  He knew he would have to think quickly because Meagan would want to know why he didn’t answer and even better was the chance that she would be upset about him not answering.  So after Terrance purchased the ring and left the store he gave Meagan a call back.  As expected, she wanted to know why he did not answer and being a terrible liar Terrance told her that he did not hear the phone.  She wouldn’t buy it, so he went to the next lie and said he was at lunch with a friend.  Still a bit irritated she accepted that answer.

To actually propose Terrance had to drive 6 ½ hours from Atlanta to New Orleans while Meagan was at a convention.  By time he arrived he was exhausted and overwhelmed with the thought of how to propose as he still hadn’t figured out how to pop the question. Later that night Meagan and their friends were ready to go out and party but Terrance was still tired.  Meagan took this as him being a party pooper and began lecturing him while they were standing outside on the balcony. She even threatened to leave him home while she went out with their friends!  Midway through the conversation Terrance cut her off and asked her, "Do you love me?” She replied, “Yeah" and gave him a look as if he had asked her the dumbest question in the world.  "Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" he asked. "Not if you're going to act like this!" she snapped back.  He followed that response by getting down on one knee, opening the ring box, and asking, "Will you marry me?"  She covered her eyes with both hands as tears began to flow, looked at him and said, "YES!!!!!!"

The rest as they say is history….. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Southern Love: Meagan and Terrance {Tyrell Banks Photography}

Hi Darlings!!  Took the week off to enjoy the holidays.  Hope you enjoyed some good food and time with family like I did.  Now we are back and I am excited to share some engagement photos with you from an up and coming photographer.  Tyrell Banks studied at my alma mater, Southern University (Go Jags!!) and has found a passion for photography.  Before a shoot Tyrell likes to take the time to get to know the couple and learn what they would like to have captured in their photos.  He then incorporates his style as a photographer with the couple’s vision to create memories.

Meagan and Terrance met while attending Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Their engagement shoot took place on a hot and humid summer day in June!  In effort to stay cool the couple decided to wear white during the shoot.  According to Tyrell the couple was full of energy and open to all of his ideas which helped to make a successful shoot. Before the end of the shoot Tyrell gained two new friends in the couple and created gorgeous photos.  Please visit Tyrell’s site and see more of his work .

Until next time xoxoxo!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Frugalistic Friday: Recycled Holiday DIY

HAPPY FRIDAY DARLINGS!!!  So a few weeks back I had a party for a friend in which I wanted to decorate using paper poms.  It had been a while since I made a paper pom and wanted to get some practice in without using the paper I bought from the craft supply store as the tester.  So I dug in my closet and pulled out a bunch of tissue from all my shopping trips.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why Victoria’s Secret kills trees to wrap my free undies but I always keep it to use in gift bags or my gift boxes for the holidays.  Now I have found a new use for it….colorful paper poms.  I pulled out about 8 sheets of pink tissue and created a medium sized pom.  


After knocking the dust off my pom skills I became confident and made larger ones for the parties. I arranged them as a cluster above the light fixture.

Not too bad for a person who hasn’t made these in awhile right??!! With the holidays around the corner I began wondering what else I could use around the house to decorate.  I ended up finding some great and useful ideas below.

Holiday wine bottles. I initially saw this idea on pinterest but  the instructions said to use a drill to cut a whole in a bottle.  I have never used a drill (neither has my boyfriend as I tried to recruit him ha) but this tutorial describes a glass cutting kit that you can purchase for $15 that will make this DIY a bit easier.

These are the most useful things!!  After every Thanksgiving every shopping bag I have in the house is usually taken by the guest to bring home left overs.  This seems like the perfect way to do fall cleaning and get rid of those extra T-shirts in your drawer that are taking up space and put them to good use.

Need to pretty up the place before the guests arrive?  How about hanging a garland banner outside the door.  Made from recycled cardboard of any kind (shoebox, cereal box, etc.) with a dash of paint you have new door decor.

Ever made any of the above ideas or have a great idea for recyclable holiday decor!?  Leave a comment!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starbucks Launch Party Review

So last week I was invited by a lovely blogger friend to attend the Starbucks Launch Party on the Gramercy Park Hotel Rooftop Garden.  I met so many bloggers and had a blast. It was such a pleasure meeting all the ladies!  It always nice to meet other bloggers and talk about life on the other side of the computer.   The venue was decorated for you to be in the holiday spirit with Christmas decor and lovely red and white hydrangeas to add that special touch.  The Christmas music playing in the background also helped to set the seasonal mood.  Holiday Starbucks Mocha Martini’s were served (vodka and coffee anyone?) and we got a bag of goodies for the road!!!

Gorgeous table decor!!

Make your own cake pop station – Starbucks will be launching kits for these in stores for the holidays!

Having fun with the other bloggerettes!!! SMILE LADIES  :)

FREE GOODIES!!!!!  I LOVE gift bags!

From the 2011 holiday collection.  The straw changes color when you sip something cold.

Holiday tunes to make the season bright….Zooey D. acts and sings

Any holiday parties coming up this season that you are throwing or looking forward to?  Would love to hear about them and how you plan to decorate.  Until next time darlings xoxo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Frugalistic Friday Find: Robert Mondavi Moscato d'Oro

The holidays are quickly approaching and I wanted to share one of my favorite things.  Since earlier this week I spoke of my trip to wine country in Long Island I wanted to tell you all my staple wine which is always in my home.  It's from the California winery Robert Mondavi and it's their Moscato d'Oro.  2 years ago my mom and I took a trip to wine country in California and this is the one thing that came home with me and I still keep around.  Robert Mondavi has a special Moscato Wine club that sends 2 half bottles for $55 ($25 each and $5.00 shipping).  Of all the different types of Moscato on the market I stand by this being the best.  Everyone I serve it to always come over looking for more.  It's not overly sweet nor is it flat or has a tang that some Moscato have.  It has a slight carbonation to it which adds to the flavor, but not enough to make it sparkling or too bubbly.  It can be paired with deserts and cheeses but I always tend to drink it alone and enjoy the flavor all on its own.  The Moscato wine club doesn't show on their site, but if you call the winery they will happily enroll you!  If you have a favorite Moscato leave a comment and I will add it to my rack!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A trip to Long Island Wine Country

On Monday my boyfriend and I took a drive to Long Island wine country and did a few tastings.  It was great to get out of the city and see the colorful leaves on the trees changing, acres of freshly manicured grass and best of all peace and quiet!!  My personal preference always tends to be more toward the whites and blush wines.  I love sweet wines and usually always will have a bottle of Moscato on hand.  On our trip we stopped at Roanoke Vineyards, Lieb Family Cellars and Water Crest Winery.  Our favs all came from Roanoke Vineyards.  My boyfriend ended up liking 2010 De Rosa Rosé which was really light and had a nice fragrance.  We both fell in love with the 2010 Dioso late harvest chardonnay which functions as both and ‘ice wine’ and a desert wine.  Its really sweet and it has a thicker consistency than most wines.  The guide told us some people pour it over a cup of ice cream (yummy) or pair it with chocolate cake.  The only downside is that this comes in half bottles and costs $37 a bottle.  With the holidays around the corner now is the time to stack up on your favorites to pair with your holiday dinners.  What’s your favorite wine to drink when you are just trying to relax and let go of the day?  Also what wines will you be pairing with your Thanksgiving dinner?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Frugalistic Friday Find: Winter Beauty Buy

Hi my dears!! So I have began my winter nesting process.  Yes, its early but who expected snow in October??!!  So think of me as Macy’s and how they start decorating for Christmas before Halloween and Thanksgiving even come around.  This process involves me putting together everything necessary for me to stay warm and survive the cold.  During winter my hardest battle is staying moisturized.  I mean I can put on lotion at 8 a.m. and by 10 a.m. the cracks in my skin start making their appearance liek potholes on the New York city streets.  Needless to say I keep an area in my closet stocked full of different moisturizers – Cetaphil, Eucerin, Johnson’s Baby Oil gel, St. Ives - you name it I got it.  After awhile the tab for these begin to add up, because as you may know most of the moisturizers for extreme skin run about $10 and higher per bottle.  Couple that with sometimes needing more than 2 applications in a day, keeping a full stock load becomes expensive.  This winter I think my staple will be Nivea Creme– the one you find in a tub.  The formula is a bit thick, but it doesn’t leave my skin greasy or oily which means no break outs.  In some stores it runs about $13, but Amazon has them at $9 for a 3 pack or  Wal-Mart carries them for online for $6 bucks a jar.  Also, last night I bought a mini tin of the creme for .99 cents at Target which is perfect to keep in your bag while you are on the go.

Have a winter beauty secret to stay moisturizer for the winter?  Share and let’s discuss!  I am always looking for new products!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Uggghhh…It snowed!!!

So my dears after 3 years of living in the city this belle still doesn’t have the strength to take winter like a big girl.  This weekend it snowed.  The end of October and there is white stuff on the ground!!!  I remember my first winter in New York it actually snowed in May – my birthday month!!  Never in my life would I have thought I would see snow in May.  So these past few years the cold weather and chills running through my body caused me to adapt to things I never had to before – a little brand called The North Face entered my closet, I learned how to scrape snow off a car without freezing my fingers off and layers became this belle’s best friend.  No matter how much I worked towards adapting to winter I have always managed to bypass on piece of gear I swore I would never let cover these little piggies - Uggs.  From the time I saw them on other people’s feet I thought it made them look like characters from the Flintstones’.  But this season I think I am giving up the battle after going through  2 pairs of snow boots and trying every combination of layering socks in rain boots with my toes always freezing before I make it to my destination.  The name itself describes how I feel about having to break down and get these – Uggggg (hhh) lol.  I am the first to admit I will put fashion out the window for warmth in the winter time, but Uggs mean I have hit rock bottom, this belle has been defeated and is throwing in the towel.  So to try and put a positive light on the situation I did some research for which Uggs would make me look a little less like an eskimo and more like the diva I am.  I decided that I would settle on a pair of Classic Cardy Convertible Sweater boot style Uggs.  I of course like that they can be worn 3 ways, but they don’t seem to carry the bulk that the classic Uggs do have. 

To make myself feel a little better I pulled up some photos of stars who wear their Uggs proudly, whether it’s with casual wear or a formal gown.  I guess in the end I will be in good company and I have a slight chance of still being fabulous on a cold winter's day.  



Another thing I have always wondered about with Uggs is how do they stay clean?  I mean after a New York morning commute even my Nikes are a little dusty, so how do you Uggers keep their Uggs clean? Also, are they really comfy and warm?  Let me know your thoughts and if you know of any cuter styles you would recommend.  Until next time – smooches xoxo.