Friday, November 18, 2011

Frugalistic Friday: Recycled Holiday DIY

HAPPY FRIDAY DARLINGS!!!  So a few weeks back I had a party for a friend in which I wanted to decorate using paper poms.  It had been a while since I made a paper pom and wanted to get some practice in without using the paper I bought from the craft supply store as the tester.  So I dug in my closet and pulled out a bunch of tissue from all my shopping trips.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why Victoria’s Secret kills trees to wrap my free undies but I always keep it to use in gift bags or my gift boxes for the holidays.  Now I have found a new use for it….colorful paper poms.  I pulled out about 8 sheets of pink tissue and created a medium sized pom.  


After knocking the dust off my pom skills I became confident and made larger ones for the parties. I arranged them as a cluster above the light fixture.

Not too bad for a person who hasn’t made these in awhile right??!! With the holidays around the corner I began wondering what else I could use around the house to decorate.  I ended up finding some great and useful ideas below.

Holiday wine bottles. I initially saw this idea on pinterest but  the instructions said to use a drill to cut a whole in a bottle.  I have never used a drill (neither has my boyfriend as I tried to recruit him ha) but this tutorial describes a glass cutting kit that you can purchase for $15 that will make this DIY a bit easier.

These are the most useful things!!  After every Thanksgiving every shopping bag I have in the house is usually taken by the guest to bring home left overs.  This seems like the perfect way to do fall cleaning and get rid of those extra T-shirts in your drawer that are taking up space and put them to good use.

Need to pretty up the place before the guests arrive?  How about hanging a garland banner outside the door.  Made from recycled cardboard of any kind (shoebox, cereal box, etc.) with a dash of paint you have new door decor.

Ever made any of the above ideas or have a great idea for recyclable holiday decor!?  Leave a comment!