Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashion Friday - Graffiti Nails

It’s December and that means the holiday cheer is in the air and it’s time to deck the halls.  Well if your halls are decked out why not do the same for your nails?  This season is bringing in a new nail art form that looks like an actual painting or graffiti work of art on your nails.  If you are like me and never know what color you want to polish those little piggies, and choose one color for your manicure, and then another for your toes then this is right up your alley.  I first saw this in Marie Claire last month, but while roaming facebook I see a few creative minds have put their own flare to it.  You get to put as many colors that can fit on your nails and it will be a work of pure art.  So pick a few colors and give it a go….Bring on the holidays!!

These graffiti inspired nails were created by celebrity manicurist Ana-Maria.  They are fierce yet sophisticated.  Unique enough to grab attention but still able to wear them to the office.

For you DIY diva's these were created by a friend of interior designer Kelly Wearstler.  They are a definitely as gorgeous as the professional manicure but you can be stylish while saving the cash at the salon.  You can use the saved bucks to buy more gifts!



  1. Super fun! I'm definitely going to try that!

  2. I'm all about the nails. I'm especially obsessed with metallics like the ones shown at the moment, too! I just bought a silver and a gold and I've been alternating between them ever since :)

  3. That looks really cool! I'm digging metallics right now, too!

  4. hideous nails, beautiful bags