Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mardi Gras Christmas Tree

Ok so tomorrow I am off for home!!!  Before I left I wanted to share my favorite part of the Christmas holiday this far with you – my tree!  Since I moved to New York I haven’t once taken the time to get a tree for the holidays.  One year I couldn’t go home and I still didn’t put up lights.  Well this year I decided it was time to bring a little bit of home to the North.  While out shopping one day (yes I had become sidetracked from Christmas gift shopping) I saw that Pier 1 had a sale on holiday décor.  I decided what the heck and walked in to see what they had.  Now darlings, if any of you have been to Pier 1 this season you probably saw their pretty red Christmas tree in the front of the store.  It has the words ‘ho ho ho’ on it and is completely covered with the usual red bows and they made it fancy with some feathers and other décor.  Well this was cute to me and I figured I would buy a tree and throw some of these items on it to bring the holiday spirit into my apartment.  Well, as I was walking to get a basket to pay for these ridiculously expensive ornaments (I figured out later that the sale didn’t apply to things on the tree) I saw the tree every person who understands New Orleans would die for – A Mardi Gras themed tree!!!!  So this is when I completely lose my mind and go overboard.  Mind you at this point I hadn’t even purchased a tree!   So here I am in Pier 1, like a kid in Disney putting everything in my basket.  Don’t worry dears, when I got to the register reality started to come back as I looked at the prices on the items I purchased.  I decided that I would buy all of the important elements I needed to make the tree pop and fill in the rest with less expensive ornaments.  I ended up purchasing a few turtledoves, peacock feathers and some Mardi Gras masks (of course the tree would lose the point without them).  I also added some dragon flies for pops of color and they reminded me of how I would see them at home all the time during the summer.  My boyfriend and I went to Wal-Mart that night to purchase a tree to actually put all of this on.  We picked up some purple and blue ornament balls and snowflake shaped Christmas lights while we were there.  As we began decorating I realized what is a Mardi Gras tree without beads!!??  So I went in my closet and dug out my stash of Mardi Gras decorations (yes I decorated for Mardi Gras and not Christmas these past few years).  I added a few beads and it finished off the masterpiece of our tree.  Below is a board with all of the items I purchased from Pier 1 and a few shots of the tree.  I am so in love with it!!!  

Pictures of the actual tree :)

As a child we I used to catch dragon flies while playing outside.

Mardi Gras mask!!! 
We also had a butterfly on the tree that I forgot all about in the corner.

We topped the tree with peacock feathers and a red bird rather than the traditional angel since it's not a traditional tree.

Happy Holiday everyone!!  I plan on doing one more post before Christmas and will take the week off to spend time with family.


  1. oh, and I totally understand the Pier 1 temptations - I can't help myself in that store either!

  2. I think the topper is my favorite part :)

  3. Wow that is super fun and festive.

  4. Awesome tree!
    Merry Christmas sweetie & cheers to an amazing 2012!

  5. I love all the feathers - happy New Year!