Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Favorite things about Christmas in New Orleans

So I can barely hold my excitement….In less than a week I will be home in New Orleans for Christmas!!! I’m talking good food, a warmer climate and being down in the good ole’ bayou.

1.       Miracle on Fulton Street

Being a belle in the North snow is no longer something that excites me (especially after hearing 10 feet of it feel the night before and I still must commute to work the next day).  But my mom, the original belle gets like a kid in Disneyland when we go here.  There are these ‘snow machines’  that go off every 20 minutes and blow clusters of bubbles (snow in New Orleans is the miracle) and kids (and my mom) get to have a little bit of a white Christmas in New Orleans.

2.      A Cajun Christmas by James Rice

This is such a classic!!  Our teachers would read this to us all the time in elementary school during the holidays.  The author James Rice even came one year and actually read the story to us himself!  How can an alligator named Gaston driving a sleigh ever be forgettable!!??

3.     Celebration in the Oaks

This is one of the largest light shows in the country.  My parents used to take us on the driving tour – this is when you actually sit in your car and drive through the park while seeing all the beautiful lights.  This way your parents don’t have to worry about you touching things and running off.  I haven’t been in years but this year I am going and this time for a switch I will be bringing my mom instead of her bringing me.  There is also a synthetic ice skating rink which I can’t wait to get on and of course there is a light exhibit to who else but Gaston the alligator ;)

4.       Mom’s Egg Nog 

My mom has a saying about my cooking, “If you know how to make it, then there is no need for me to get your recipe.”  Essentially she is saying, if she can’t cook it I must cook it for her on demand.  I have taken the same approach on her egg nog.  It’s non-alcoholic since she has made it for us since we were kids, but it’s delicious.  My favorite part is that she makes a meringue topping for it which acts like marshmallows would in hot chocolate.  I have already called and told her this is expected to be on the menu when I land.

Have holiday favorites that you would like to share – please spill I love to hear about what others do for the holidays!!


  1. Visited New Orleans once...and Cafe Du Mond is my fav!

  2. I haven't been to New Orleans in such a long time. Have a wonderful Christmas!!