Friday, January 27, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Target Wu's me away.....

JASON WU IS DESIGNING FOR TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!  The look book is finally out….geez can you sense my excitement!!!???  So many pieces I am eyeing and I can’t wait until they hit the stores.  This may be the most time I ever spend in Target (I’m a Wal-Mart girl myself).  Like many other Jason garnered my attention after he designed First Lady Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown.  Now to be honest I didn’t fall in love with the details of the gown but with the cut and fit.  It seemed as if it was designed to move as she did instead of being dragged along from being too weighted.  Ever since then I have been keeping an eye on his designs and I must say I was a huge fan of his work.  The collection of target consists of flirty dresses and constructed trench coats.  What I love about this collection is that it brings back memories from my childhood with the knot on the handbag strap.  My mom would knot the straps of my little purses for Sunday school when they were too long for me.  For those of you who love the Mad Men look this may be just the collection for you!  With pieces for work and play it’s a well rounded collection.  Best part is the highest price point is $59.99!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elegant Gowns for Exquisite Prices


Last year I sat through my friend going through the stress of trying on a dress.  I can only imagine what goes through a bride’s head when the time comes to find a dress. ‘How will I know if it’s the one?’, ‘What if I never find the one?’, ‘What if I can’t afford the one?’, ‘Dammit I will lose the weight to fit in the dress and make it the one.’  The gown is the one of the most pertinent pieces of the ceremony.  It’s worn for every huge memory of the day- walking down the aisle, giving away of the bride, when the couple says I do.  It’s in the spotlight for the entire day (unless there is a dress change) and every bride wants to be remembered as the most beautiful she could have ever been on this day.  If I have learned one thing in life is that not all great things come at a huge price (sometimes the best things in life are eve free and I LOVE those).   Yes, you do get what you pay for sometimes you just get lucky and find a great deal.  While browsing the sale department at White House Black Market I found this little gem of a dress.  I thought it was fabulous!!!  It evokes that classic Victorian feel while still having a modern touch with the black lace belt.  Of course the best part was that it’s currently priced at $299.  Now I know there are a lot of DIY brides who worry about finding a beautiful dress within their budget.  Well fret no more the market is currently filled with these charms.  Even Vera Wang has begun to make dresses that people on a budget can afford and still be glam on their big day.  With the cash you save you could splurge on getting accessories to make the gown a definite one of a kind or hire a makeup artist who can do your makeup to perfection to evoke the Victorian era.  Although the description says Victorian I get an Audrey Hepburn feel from it….either way still elegance at a superb price!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stand Against Bullying {Do Unto Others}

I spent a lot of time thinking about this post.  Mainly how did I want to actually word it.  Only because I remember the name of every person who bullied me and caused me pain.  Did I want to actually say their names, speak the truth that has been with me from the day they scarred me.  Then I realized that would just give them more power by putting a name – bullies have no place in my life so therefore I decided to just tell the stories - nameless characters with harmful intentions.  Let me begin by saying I grew up in a small town in Louisiana.  I was a happy kid.  I LOVED to talk – to the point where the teachers would call my mom.  I wore dresses to school (mom’s rule was a girl can do anything in a dress that she would in pants) and I lived in a nice part of town.  There were about 5 neighboring towns and from elementary school you went to school with those only in your town.  In middle and high school the game changed.  All the kids from the neighboring schools were compounded into one school.  Elementary school I can’t say I had bullies so much as kids who picked on me.  It still hurt but in elementary I didn’t feel the kids were being hurtful and mean-spirited – it just was kids being kids.  They make fun of you one day and the next they pick on someone else.  Middle school began the start of some dark days that wouldn’t really end until I graduated high school.  Don’t get me wrong, I had friends – real ones and the ones you eventually realize weren’t your friends.  Both which helped me learn huge lessons.  I had a cousin who I began attending middle school with.  Of course this is the age where people become followers and cliques are formed.  My cousin ruled that clique, she spoke they listened.  Unfortunately, I have never been a follower.  I never wore the most expensive clothes, my mom put ribbons and bows in my hair and I never found joy in making others hurt.    I hope that along with other bloggers my story will help someone realize that eventually it will get better.  These are just a few of the stories I felt were worth sharing that I thought others could relate to.

Elementary School
My mom bought me a pair of Keds for Christmas.  I thought they were the coolest shoes ever because they weren’t regular Keds.  They were red, white and blue and looked like a pair of converse Chuck Taylors.  I was so in love with my shoes I wore them to school the first day back from the holidays.  I stepped on the bus and one guy began to laugh and insist that no one cool wore Keds.   Another girl (one of his followers) said they looked like clown shoes.  I never wore them again.  A few years later, while still in elementary school,  that guy passed away from an asthma attack.  I joined the group of students that sang a tribute at his funeral.  I wondered at that time what would he do differently if he had known his days would be so short.  That became a powerful lesson to me to treat others as I would want to be treated.   If I died suddenly I would want people at my funeral to say nice things about me.

Middle School
This is where my cousin ruled the cool.  Though her friends never really accepted me I ended up making a great best friend.  My best friend ended up becoming a part of my cousin’s cool crew and picked a fight with me over something petty.  It took someone else who always bullied me, to point out to me that she wouldn’t be able to be friends with me and them – so her choice was them.  We eventually made up but our friendship was never the same.   Another cousin who was part of that same crew always had the nicest clothes and a lot of people in the crew made sure that I knew I wasn’t as cool.  Just a few months ago that cousin’s mom called my mom because she had lost her job and began selling Avon.  She was asking would my mom support her by buying something.  Of course my mom did and it became another lesson of treat others how I want to be treated.  Thankfully in this economy my mom has been able to keep her job and help others because she always insisted in saving rather than spending on brand names.  Don’t get me wrong I had nice clothes but not everything I wore was Tommy Hilfiger and Nike (who everyone wore at the time).  After that phone call I was never happier that my mom taught me early in life that material things don’t make the person. 

High School
This is when I smartened up and became tough.  I learned to fight back.  I lost a part of that happy girl who always laughed and talked a lot.  I used to catch the after-school activity bus for people who stayed after school for sports and tutoring.  One guy (I remember him to this day) kept touching me on my butt trying to show ‘the guys’ how cool he was.  This guy had a stuttering problem so he was always out trying to prove himself as ‘cool’ and that day I was his target.  Now you can call me names and make fun of me all you want, but when you put your hands on me you have crossed the line.  I fought back – literally!  I put up my fist and just began going for him.  People broke us up and in came his sister who felt it necessary to tell me if I wanted to fight her brother I had to fight her too.  Now I have siblings and if someone ever pushed them the wrong way I would have their back too, but never when they are wrong.  To this day I can never understand how a woman can defend a man who abused another woman whether it be sexually, physically of verbally.  (I REALLY WANTED TO SAY NAMES HERE AS ALL ABUSERS SHOULD BE KNOWN!!!)

I went to college wanting to pledge.  From the time I was a little girl I dreamed of being a part of this organization.  Forever, I had been the only girl who had to play with brothers and male cousins so the thought of joining a sisterhood excited me.  I pledged in 2006.  It didn’t take me long to realize that some women can be cruel and petty.  Just 2 years ago on Facebook one of my sorority sisters didn’t agree with my Facebook status and felt it her duty to write an extended message on my page about how I was never a good sister.  Mind you I never was close with this young lady, as there were 85 girls I pledged with and her personality always turned me off.  Years later she is still doing the same things.  Now how is it that she feels she has the right to have an opinion but I cannot? 

These are just a few stories of my bullies.  There are many many more – from jealous females to mean and abusive boyfriends.   For the kids who live with this everyday my heart breaks for them.  Kids these days are much crueler than when I was younger.  Although it does get better bullies never go away.  Each bully has made me a stronger woman.  Even in corporate America I run by bullies every day.  People who feel they can treat you bad because they have a higher title than you do.  What I have learned it that bullies aren’t strong but very weak individuals.  We all have things that we may not like about ourselves but bullies have to cause others pain to make them feel better about their situation.  As the saying goes misery loves company.  Even President Obama was made fun of and look where he is now (bet they wish they were a bit nicer and I doubt he cares what they think now)!   As an adult I rarely worry about what others think about me and my self-confidence comes from my personal views on myself and not what others think.  But when you are a kid peer acceptance is everything and being disliked just isn’t that easy to process.  Though I have long gotten over these times, I NEVER thought about ending my life from people’s cruelness.  In fighting the battle against bullies I have joined Stand Together.  Please join me and other bloggers who have taken a stand by joining in the fight.  Tell your story and inspire someone else.  You never know whose life you may be saving by telling your story!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fab Friday - A Few of My Favs for 2012

I don’t know about you guys but I am still in a whirlwind since the holidays.  Last week was the trip to DC for my friends’ birthday,  I have been working on a collab for a pop up restaurant for this month and many random things have been happening that throw a wrench in my plans {last night as I was baking to find my oven was no longer hearting properly.  Reminded me of an episode of Bethany Ever After.}.  With all of this I haven’t been able to really enjoy some of my new Christmas gifts or even watch all of my shows which have finally returned to TV.  Usually the only time I get to sit and let my thoughts process clearly is when I am working on a post, but lately that hasn’t even happened because I work on my post during down time at work {downtime = time I am waiting for a file to print}.  So I wanted to share with you what I do think of my gifts even though I haven’t used them as much as I like and the things that have me excited for January.

I got a Clarisonic brush for Christmas.  At first I didn’t see what they hype was all about,  because for $195 buck-a-roos I expect to be wowed away after the first use.  I wasn’t.  But I used it for the second time last night and began to see a difference.  The dry areas on my face from the cold weather seemed to diminish.  Will keep using it and see what results I get because everyone swears by this brush.
Burberry Body was on my list for Christmas and I got it {yay!!!}.  I LOVE this scent for winter.  When the weather gets chilly I love warmer scents than I would in the summer.  This fragrance has just enough rose scent that it isn’t overpowering while having a sweet undertone from the vanilla.  Next time you are passing through the fragrance department don’t hesitate to try it out and let me know what you think!! 

Unfortunately,  this year someone broke into my apartment and all of my jewelry was stolen {very sad times as some items had sentimental value like a necklace my grandmother’s friend gave me before she passed away} so I have been slowly rebuilding my collection.  This year Tiffany & Co. created pieces from their archive and designed the Filigree Heart collection.  I love how this piece is classic but can still be stylish for ages to come {obviously as it was taken from the archive}. 

So finally after months of waiting Grey’s Anatomy is back!!! Along with Private Practice and Vampire Diaries.

Grey’s – What a way to come back!!  Everyone dies again {if you remember when the gunman shot up half of the new cast}.  I am starting to feel like they are running out of story line and feel the only way to spice things up is to make it overly dramatic.  The show is losing its touch in a sense.  When I watched Grey’s it was because in one episode my emotions would run a gambit – Love {Derek and Meredith}, Passion {Christina about surgery}, Compassion {those moments when you would see a glimpse in Alex}, Strong-Willed {Miranda and the Chief} and Spiciness {Callie}.  I hope the show finds its way real soon because unfortunately there are so many depressing stories in the world {and I am easily affected} that I don’t want to watch a show for an hour to see the same thing I see on the news.  I am still holding out on hope.  Though Zola is adding for a few smiles here and there.  She is an adorable little girl!!
Private Practice – All I have to say is that the episode before the season break,  when Amelia lost the man she thought she loved while high on drugs got me.  So many questions – Did she really love him or was it the drugs?  Is the watch bad luck since first her Dad was killed for it and then this guy dies wearing it….  Forget rehab how much counseling will she need after she realized she slept next to a dead man!!??  Then Addison with that baby – I thought she really was going to get her!

Vampire Diaries – Good or bad those brothers are both hot - point blank.  Though this whole Stefan gone bad thing has made for some really good episodes.  Damon kissing Elena and her not fighting back!!?  Can she actually fall in love with 2 brothers?  Obviously Katherine {I love when Klaus calls her Katerina} did and she is a doppelganger so can she follow in her ancestors footsteps???  

So many shows and so little time.  Before you know it they will be off again for the season and I will be left with empty Thursday nights!!!  

Until next time xoxo {muah}

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Snuggle Up in Satin Pajamas

Happy first Friday of the new Year!!!!!  It’s been my first week back in the swing of thing since the holidays and I was racking my brain on what could be the Fab Friday find, because at this point let’s be honest, after the holidays everything is on sale.  So while I was on the train to work I was reading my January issue of Marie Claire for what I call my throw out read – it’s the last time I read to make sure I didn’t miss anything and then I recycle the magazine.  If any of you saw it Angelina Jolie was this month’s cover girl.  The first time I read the article I thought that it was nice how she stripped down and wore pajamas and made funny faces on her shoot (side note: great article it def showed a softer side to a woman who always plays tough girl roles).  It showed her as more of a person rather than a fashion icon wearing fabulous gowns and clothes most of us can’t afford after working hard all year long.  For some reason this morning a light bulb went off when I glanced at the pictures.  I realized I have NEVER owned a pair of satin pajamas and Angelina made them look so desirable.  She looked relaxed and yet still perfectly coifed in nightwear.  I don’t know about you guys but my usual pajamas consists of some old shorts and one of the many cotton t-shirts I have picked up from somewhere, either it be a volunteer program or free at some event.   In fact I absolutely can’t stand sleeping with pants on because they always seem to roll up to my thigh while I am sleeping.  But then I imagine coming home after a long day and commuting in 12 degree weather to a warm bath and slipping into satin jammies while snuggling up on my couch.  Unfortunately, it won’t be the ones that Angelina wore in the shoot as they were by Salvatore Ferragamo.  The top is priced at $1,280 and the pants are $890. Santa didn’t leave a $2100 pair of pajamas under my tree (how dare he after I was such a good girl this year).  So I went hunting for an affordable alternative and found a cute look-a-like on Victoria’s Secret website.  This set has the same white piping detail as the one’s Angelina wore, which in my opinion really make the set standout from your usual pair of satin pajamas.  At only $59.50 I can enjoy a little luxury and fashion without emptying my bank account.  Of course right now is also Vicky’s semi-annual and if you want to be more colorful than plain black with white piping they have different colors and patterns on sale for $39.99 so you really can’t lose in this situation!!  Maybe I will order two pairs one in black and one in a pattern…..decisions, decisions.    I would definitely suggest giving a pair as a gift if someone has a birthday coming up.  It’s one of those items someone can actually use and it fits all body types.   

This week I am taking a road trip to D.C. for a good friend’s birthday.  Since this is probably the last weekend of weather with temperatures above 30 degrees for awhile I figured I should get out of the house before the little white stuff starts falling from the sky.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!