Friday, January 13, 2012

Fab Friday - A Few of My Favs for 2012

I don’t know about you guys but I am still in a whirlwind since the holidays.  Last week was the trip to DC for my friends’ birthday,  I have been working on a collab for a pop up restaurant for this month and many random things have been happening that throw a wrench in my plans {last night as I was baking to find my oven was no longer hearting properly.  Reminded me of an episode of Bethany Ever After.}.  With all of this I haven’t been able to really enjoy some of my new Christmas gifts or even watch all of my shows which have finally returned to TV.  Usually the only time I get to sit and let my thoughts process clearly is when I am working on a post, but lately that hasn’t even happened because I work on my post during down time at work {downtime = time I am waiting for a file to print}.  So I wanted to share with you what I do think of my gifts even though I haven’t used them as much as I like and the things that have me excited for January.

I got a Clarisonic brush for Christmas.  At first I didn’t see what they hype was all about,  because for $195 buck-a-roos I expect to be wowed away after the first use.  I wasn’t.  But I used it for the second time last night and began to see a difference.  The dry areas on my face from the cold weather seemed to diminish.  Will keep using it and see what results I get because everyone swears by this brush.
Burberry Body was on my list for Christmas and I got it {yay!!!}.  I LOVE this scent for winter.  When the weather gets chilly I love warmer scents than I would in the summer.  This fragrance has just enough rose scent that it isn’t overpowering while having a sweet undertone from the vanilla.  Next time you are passing through the fragrance department don’t hesitate to try it out and let me know what you think!! 

Unfortunately,  this year someone broke into my apartment and all of my jewelry was stolen {very sad times as some items had sentimental value like a necklace my grandmother’s friend gave me before she passed away} so I have been slowly rebuilding my collection.  This year Tiffany & Co. created pieces from their archive and designed the Filigree Heart collection.  I love how this piece is classic but can still be stylish for ages to come {obviously as it was taken from the archive}. 

So finally after months of waiting Grey’s Anatomy is back!!! Along with Private Practice and Vampire Diaries.

Grey’s – What a way to come back!!  Everyone dies again {if you remember when the gunman shot up half of the new cast}.  I am starting to feel like they are running out of story line and feel the only way to spice things up is to make it overly dramatic.  The show is losing its touch in a sense.  When I watched Grey’s it was because in one episode my emotions would run a gambit – Love {Derek and Meredith}, Passion {Christina about surgery}, Compassion {those moments when you would see a glimpse in Alex}, Strong-Willed {Miranda and the Chief} and Spiciness {Callie}.  I hope the show finds its way real soon because unfortunately there are so many depressing stories in the world {and I am easily affected} that I don’t want to watch a show for an hour to see the same thing I see on the news.  I am still holding out on hope.  Though Zola is adding for a few smiles here and there.  She is an adorable little girl!!
Private Practice – All I have to say is that the episode before the season break,  when Amelia lost the man she thought she loved while high on drugs got me.  So many questions – Did she really love him or was it the drugs?  Is the watch bad luck since first her Dad was killed for it and then this guy dies wearing it….  Forget rehab how much counseling will she need after she realized she slept next to a dead man!!??  Then Addison with that baby – I thought she really was going to get her!

Vampire Diaries – Good or bad those brothers are both hot - point blank.  Though this whole Stefan gone bad thing has made for some really good episodes.  Damon kissing Elena and her not fighting back!!?  Can she actually fall in love with 2 brothers?  Obviously Katherine {I love when Klaus calls her Katerina} did and she is a doppelganger so can she follow in her ancestors footsteps???  

So many shows and so little time.  Before you know it they will be off again for the season and I will be left with empty Thursday nights!!!  

Until next time xoxo {muah}


  1. so happy for Grey's and Vampire Diaries!

  2. I definitely share your love of Vampire Diaries! It's my guilty pleasure, and I can't wait for the show to come back (or has it already? I've been traveling so much, I haven't been able to keep up! =P)

  3. I recently got a Clarisonic, too, and I love it! Also a huge fan of Grey's and TVD and glad they're back!