Friday, January 6, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Snuggle Up in Satin Pajamas

Happy first Friday of the new Year!!!!!  It’s been my first week back in the swing of thing since the holidays and I was racking my brain on what could be the Fab Friday find, because at this point let’s be honest, after the holidays everything is on sale.  So while I was on the train to work I was reading my January issue of Marie Claire for what I call my throw out read – it’s the last time I read to make sure I didn’t miss anything and then I recycle the magazine.  If any of you saw it Angelina Jolie was this month’s cover girl.  The first time I read the article I thought that it was nice how she stripped down and wore pajamas and made funny faces on her shoot (side note: great article it def showed a softer side to a woman who always plays tough girl roles).  It showed her as more of a person rather than a fashion icon wearing fabulous gowns and clothes most of us can’t afford after working hard all year long.  For some reason this morning a light bulb went off when I glanced at the pictures.  I realized I have NEVER owned a pair of satin pajamas and Angelina made them look so desirable.  She looked relaxed and yet still perfectly coifed in nightwear.  I don’t know about you guys but my usual pajamas consists of some old shorts and one of the many cotton t-shirts I have picked up from somewhere, either it be a volunteer program or free at some event.   In fact I absolutely can’t stand sleeping with pants on because they always seem to roll up to my thigh while I am sleeping.  But then I imagine coming home after a long day and commuting in 12 degree weather to a warm bath and slipping into satin jammies while snuggling up on my couch.  Unfortunately, it won’t be the ones that Angelina wore in the shoot as they were by Salvatore Ferragamo.  The top is priced at $1,280 and the pants are $890. Santa didn’t leave a $2100 pair of pajamas under my tree (how dare he after I was such a good girl this year).  So I went hunting for an affordable alternative and found a cute look-a-like on Victoria’s Secret website.  This set has the same white piping detail as the one’s Angelina wore, which in my opinion really make the set standout from your usual pair of satin pajamas.  At only $59.50 I can enjoy a little luxury and fashion without emptying my bank account.  Of course right now is also Vicky’s semi-annual and if you want to be more colorful than plain black with white piping they have different colors and patterns on sale for $39.99 so you really can’t lose in this situation!!  Maybe I will order two pairs one in black and one in a pattern…..decisions, decisions.    I would definitely suggest giving a pair as a gift if someone has a birthday coming up.  It’s one of those items someone can actually use and it fits all body types.   

This week I am taking a road trip to D.C. for a good friend’s birthday.  Since this is probably the last weekend of weather with temperatures above 30 degrees for awhile I figured I should get out of the house before the little white stuff starts falling from the sky.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!