Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012….A few resolutions for the year

Hi everyone!!!  So I took an extended hiatus to enjoy all my family and friends during this time before all the holiday cheer leaves the air and everyone is back to their daily grind.  Christmas came and went then came New Year’s.  I was totally unprepared, like I knew it was coming but I wasn’t exactly ready.  I was pretty much low key this year.  Since it wasn’t too cold in New York my boyfriend’s brother heated up the grill and made some bar b que jerk chicken.  Of course what’s bar b que without the mac and cheese, so I made a batch to be the co-star dish because the chicken was delicious.  We watched the ball drop on the big screen with a few other friends and their new babies (only one managed to stay awake to see the ball drop).  While we were having a conversation my friend asked me at about 10:30 p.m. what is my New Year’s resolution and I was speechless.  I hadn’t even taken the time to think of a resolution. On New Year’s Day I took the time to come up with a few feasible tasks for the New Year.  I say feasible because we all sometimes set goals that seem impossible and they seem that way because they are.  I have set so many goals for myself that I fail at before the words left my mouth.  For example this year I insisted that I would have the body of a Victoria Secret model…just to show how outrageous that idea was I am a size 6; have been since I got out of college.  Even at my smallest in high school I was about a size 4 and weighed 110 pounds.  Now I worked out 3 times a week but decided it obviously wasn’t enough to be the size 0 I was gunning for as a Vicky’s model so I hired a personal trainer.  Not to worry because my trainer brought me back to reality after I expressed my desire to look like the girls in the catalogs that come in my mailbox by simply saying, “The Victoria’s Secret models don’t even look like that in person.”  Being stubborn I gave the ‘whatever’ look and told her do what she needed to so that I can look like that.  Yes, she did work me out and very well.  My stomach was flatter than ever, but did I reach model status? Nope, and I probably never will be, but I digress.  So here are my realistic resolutions for 2012.

1.      Get back to working out and drop 8 pounds.

This year I took my frustrations out by eating on my couch on top of the fact that I stopped seeing my trainer who had me in the best shape.  So I have registered for workout classes and am getting back at it.  By time March comes I want to be toned and a few pounds lighter.

2.      Cook more, eat less.

Part of the reason I need to drop those pounds is that I love being in the kitchen.  I especially love cooking for others.  My boyfriend has been trying to plant the idea in my head to open a pop up restaurant to gauge how well I could do with cooking on a larger scale.  I want to, but of course I am hesitant because that little voice in my head says, ‘how in the world would I do that?’ I will definitely continue to think on the idea, but in the meanwhile I want to get back to cooking for my friends and having them over more because food and friends always make things better.

3.      Be more positive.

Okay so I tend to always stress and think of the worse that can happen in a situation.  I call it being a realist.  It’s not so much as being a pessimist but thinking out every problem that could happen if I take a certain action.  Usually half the problems I think of never happen and the ones that do I had never thought of.  At the end of the day the problem is always solved and I am the wiser.  So in 2012 I will try to stop wasting time on worrying and just do it (whatever it is).

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s and is ready to start the year off right!! Ready or not here we go……