Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elegant Gowns for Exquisite Prices


Last year I sat through my friend going through the stress of trying on a dress.  I can only imagine what goes through a bride’s head when the time comes to find a dress. ‘How will I know if it’s the one?’, ‘What if I never find the one?’, ‘What if I can’t afford the one?’, ‘Dammit I will lose the weight to fit in the dress and make it the one.’  The gown is the one of the most pertinent pieces of the ceremony.  It’s worn for every huge memory of the day- walking down the aisle, giving away of the bride, when the couple says I do.  It’s in the spotlight for the entire day (unless there is a dress change) and every bride wants to be remembered as the most beautiful she could have ever been on this day.  If I have learned one thing in life is that not all great things come at a huge price (sometimes the best things in life are eve free and I LOVE those).   Yes, you do get what you pay for sometimes you just get lucky and find a great deal.  While browsing the sale department at White House Black Market I found this little gem of a dress.  I thought it was fabulous!!!  It evokes that classic Victorian feel while still having a modern touch with the black lace belt.  Of course the best part was that it’s currently priced at $299.  Now I know there are a lot of DIY brides who worry about finding a beautiful dress within their budget.  Well fret no more the market is currently filled with these charms.  Even Vera Wang has begun to make dresses that people on a budget can afford and still be glam on their big day.  With the cash you save you could splurge on getting accessories to make the gown a definite one of a kind or hire a makeup artist who can do your makeup to perfection to evoke the Victorian era.  Although the description says Victorian I get an Audrey Hepburn feel from it….either way still elegance at a superb price!!