Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twilight Wedding Highlights

 I am in LOVE with the Twilight series {along with millions of teens across the world}.  To me it’s not about the vampire/werewolf hype, but the love between these characters.  Bella has a team of people who are willing to put their lives on the line to ensure her safety, but the deeper love that Edward and Jacob share for her is something hard find in reality.  Two men willing to put their pride aside for a woman’s happiness to let her choose where her heart lies… a true fairy tale {ask your significant other if he would climb to the top of a mountain for you – mine rolled his eyes and walked off}.  In a world that is constantly moving we all need a break from reality to believe in something we can’t see everyday.  The latest installment Breaking Dawn finally brought about the wedding that Twilight fiends like myself couldn’t wait to see.  I must say they did not disappoint.  The décor had details that enveloped the big screen {if you saw it in theaters} and made it feel like you were sitting in a botanical garden.  Of course I couldn’t help but want to know about the details of the wedding and where else would I share them besides here??  The items that made me ooh and aah were Bella’s dress, the flowers that hung from the trees and of course Bella’s shoe

The dress
Carolina Herrera was designed especially for this occasion. Best part of the dress was the back.  Point blank.  The sheer back with the scalloped edges for a touch of detail meshed perfectly together.  The details didn’t stop there.  Starting from the top of the train to the very tip of the train were 152 buttons!!  I barely have the patience to sew on one button that fell from a coat {in fact I have on sitting here as we speak} so I can appreciate this detail.

The flowers

The flowers to me created a canopy affect without actually using a tent.  Wisteria flowers were used to hang from the moss tress to create not only an eye catching detail, but served to block the sunlight from the ceremony.  Two birds with one stone.  Notice there were no glittering vampires during a daylight wedding.

The shoes

We didn’t see much of them but they were made by the one and only Manolo Blahnik. The heel was a 4 1/2 inch pump embellished with crystals for a hint of sparkle.  At one point Neiman’s had the style on sale at a whopping $1,295!!  They did offer them in black and red, because how many times can you where a white satin shoe without it getting dirty??  Anyone up for that challenge?

All in all I think the wedding showed how an outdoors wedding can have a dreamy feel to it {but again this whole series is a dream to me so maybe I can’t be unbiased}.  I haven’t gotten the blu-ray yet but it will make it into my collection fairly soon.  Are there any other Twilight fans out there?  What was your favorite part of the wedding?  Which detail would you like to create for your own day? 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Reflections

It’s a rainy day here in NYC.  I somehow have always loved rainy days.  Laying in bed, being lazy, curled up with a good book.  These days I take advantage of rainy days by running any errands I need to do because no one else is out.  There is no traffic or long lines anywhere.  Then I come home and curl up with that good book and take a nap. 

I am currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I had never took interest in reading this book until after I saw the movie.  I am completely engrossed.  The movie definitely left out some great parts.

While feeding my cravings for sweet stuff I was able to also help raise money for a little boy with leukemia.  You can help out to by purchasing a Jam Gram from Lovely Little Details. 

This clock is a must have for a friend of mine!  She is always late.  We have a joke that she finally bought a watch but of course the face has no numbers.  This clock would go perfectly in her apartment.

These rings from Brooklyn Thread caught my eye.  The dark stormy one will be added to my collection of spring jewelry.

If you follow me on instagram (@nolabella) you know I am taking pole classes to stay in shape.  My new workout shoes are pink with a bow.  I will be wearing them tomorrow in class for the first time.  Hopefully I don’t do any damage (to myself)……

Until next week….xoxo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras Mambo

So another Mardi Gras has come and passed without me.  The airlines raised ticket prices (outrageously) high, so I couldn’t go home to participate in the festivities.  And this year my mom didn’t send me a king cake (shipping costs went to $50) so I completely had no taste of Mardi Gras in the city this year. Ahh the troubles of living in a horrid economy.  Not being able to go home and catch me something didn’t stop me from throwing together a bit of Mardi Gras wedding inspiration.   

 There are so many traditions from home I would love to incorporate into any event – feathers, second-line band, bold, bright colors.  Like any great piece it can be dressed up or down.  Mardi Gras itself is a blend of glamorous times with ball gown and sequins, and comfy chic when its time to dress down and get in the crowd shout “throw me something mister.”  A theme of this nature is definitely for a person who always carries a party in their heart.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Reflections

So its been a really busy week.  Though I with the passing of one of the greatest singers to grace music I wanted to slow down.  Busy is one okay but being memorable amongst the madness is a point I always strive for.  At the end of the day all those errands and chores are done but who will remember them?  Were they really just busy tasks or actually changed your life in a positive manner? I know sometimes we can’t be help but be caught in the whirlwind of life, but take the time to breath, exhale and enjoy the small moments.  Then ask yourself what did you really do this week.

This week I….

Finally joined Instagram.  I got my iphone 2 weeks ago and it’s open me up to a whole new world.  Follow me on Instagram as @Nolabella.

Instead of going out for Valentine’s day my boyfriend and I did it low key.  I made him cupcakes and he got me a heart shaped cheesecake.  We definitely had way too many sweets.  My Co-workers happily have eaten the surplus.

While doing research for a wedding in September I met a wonderful new photographer.  She gave me some great advice on table décor.  

This weekend I am catching up with the talented Ellen of Eldenwa Designs to begin planning her summer wedding.

I don’t have one particular item for Fab Friday but I do have a site.  Have you seen Vente-Privee before??  If not you should join.  High end merchandise at great prices.

Do you remember Minx nails?  Those little stickers that were supposed to last as a manicure for weeks (not!!). Well, they have nothing on Sally Hansen Nail effects.  I received so many compliments on these babies.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  If you are off for President Day I hope you enjoy the extra day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Inspired Pedi

I hope everyone is prepped and ready for Vday!!!  On a recent trip to Sephora, as I was scouring the clearance items, I came across some polish pens.  I had no idea what I would use them for, but they were on sale so I figured her why not.  The hard decision came in choosing a pen color.  A friend said why not get red as Valentine’s day is coming.  GOOD CALL!!  I imagined doing a white polish on my toes with a red heart.  Unfortunately the white polish at Sephora looked as if I had polished my little piggies with whiteout.  Instead I used a pastel purple and drew a small heart on top.  Now my toes are ready for a night out on the town!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Vince Camuto Korsi Pump

So here it is, as promised the Fab Friday find that I couldn’t wait to share.  So true fact about myself.  I shop with my excitement and not my wallet.  So if I see things on sale I go crazy!! I buy all this great stuff that’s on sale then I get home (or get it home if I had delivery through mail order) and the excitement dies and wears off.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something about seeing an item in the lighting of your own home and not the store fitting room that makes a huge difference.  Before I take the tags off of anything I try it on at least 3 more times at my home to ensure I really like it (this stops me from having clothes with tags on it in my closet).  For 2012 I even implemented a ‘you buy it you wear it’ rule. What is the point in buying something nice just to leave it in the closet, right?  All new items are worn at least once within the first month I purchase it. 
This past Saturday I went to the mall to do a few returns.  The rule was RETURNS ONLY and NO SHOPPING, because I am punished after my Christmas credit card bill came in.  So my first return was in Nordstrom’s to return a pair of boots.  As I sashay (yes I sashay in the mall like a Princess in her castle) I did a double take at a pair of Vince Camuto’s.  The first take was those are a hot pair of shoes.  The second take was to notice they were on sale!!  Now if you are saying, “Kewain, you said returns only,” you are correct, though this became an exception to the rule.  I do not own a pair of Vince Camuto’s and this pair was fierce and so was the price.  After calling a good friend to help me decide if I should break my rule for Camuto (she agreed with making the purchase) I went for it!!  I bought my first pair of Camuto’s and I love them!!!  They are called the Korsi pump and for a platform shoe they are extremely comfy!!!  There is cushion at the front of the shoe to support the ball of your feet.  For someone like me who has to put inserts in EVERYTHING this is heaven.  I purchased them in the lake blue color which is only available store currently, though Nordstrom’s has the other colors online.   If you are bold maybe you can try the snake skin version.  The best part about Nordstrom’s online is free shipping and free returns.  The current sale price is $89.90 which I think is well worth it for Camuto’s.  I haven’t had a chance to wear these out yet, but I have a lot of events this month and these will be making an appearance.   

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It’s been a long time…..Bridal Winter Wonderlands

OMG I drafted this post weeks ago!!! The week this was to go live I got a mean sinus infection and was out for the count.   Its been 2 weeks and I have been so busy trying to catch up, but I am definitely glad to be back!!! I missed expressing myself here and reading all the other great blogs out there. Well the news said that we may get some snow tonight (hopefully not too much). So this post (that I started writing 2 weeks ago) is perfect!  Sorry for being gone so long but my Friday Fab find is going to make up for it!  I'm really excited to share this one (can you tell??)! 

Choosing the date can be one of the hardest and most important decisions you make in the initial phase of weddings planning. If you are trying to save cash or stay on budget having a winter wedding can be a huge reduction in the cost. Many venues have huge reduction costs during these off peaks months Depending on where you live, the temperature and weather conditions may not be as bad as say up North. No matter where you are with the right amount of sparkle and a little creativity you can create a winter wedding worth remembering. Accessorizing for a winter wedding will also add bits of detail that make a remarkable difference for wedding photo ops.

Table decor is always a focal point in wedding pics.  Its usually the one thing that brings the whole theme of your wedding together.  For a winter theme the colors are usually blue, silver and white, but what you can create with this scheme is as endless as your imagination.  I loved the poms stuff with ornaments.

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Of course no one should ever out dress the bride.  No matter your taste - regal elegance or rustic chic - there is a winteer dress for all.  Alot of brides crave the fur for a winter wedding but I wanted to give a an equally glamorous alternative.  Boots and a scarf on a dress?!?  Yes and it's gorgeous!

{1, 2, 3}