Friday, February 10, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Vince Camuto Korsi Pump

So here it is, as promised the Fab Friday find that I couldn’t wait to share.  So true fact about myself.  I shop with my excitement and not my wallet.  So if I see things on sale I go crazy!! I buy all this great stuff that’s on sale then I get home (or get it home if I had delivery through mail order) and the excitement dies and wears off.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something about seeing an item in the lighting of your own home and not the store fitting room that makes a huge difference.  Before I take the tags off of anything I try it on at least 3 more times at my home to ensure I really like it (this stops me from having clothes with tags on it in my closet).  For 2012 I even implemented a ‘you buy it you wear it’ rule. What is the point in buying something nice just to leave it in the closet, right?  All new items are worn at least once within the first month I purchase it. 
This past Saturday I went to the mall to do a few returns.  The rule was RETURNS ONLY and NO SHOPPING, because I am punished after my Christmas credit card bill came in.  So my first return was in Nordstrom’s to return a pair of boots.  As I sashay (yes I sashay in the mall like a Princess in her castle) I did a double take at a pair of Vince Camuto’s.  The first take was those are a hot pair of shoes.  The second take was to notice they were on sale!!  Now if you are saying, “Kewain, you said returns only,” you are correct, though this became an exception to the rule.  I do not own a pair of Vince Camuto’s and this pair was fierce and so was the price.  After calling a good friend to help me decide if I should break my rule for Camuto (she agreed with making the purchase) I went for it!!  I bought my first pair of Camuto’s and I love them!!!  They are called the Korsi pump and for a platform shoe they are extremely comfy!!!  There is cushion at the front of the shoe to support the ball of your feet.  For someone like me who has to put inserts in EVERYTHING this is heaven.  I purchased them in the lake blue color which is only available store currently, though Nordstrom’s has the other colors online.   If you are bold maybe you can try the snake skin version.  The best part about Nordstrom’s online is free shipping and free returns.  The current sale price is $89.90 which I think is well worth it for Camuto’s.  I haven’t had a chance to wear these out yet, but I have a lot of events this month and these will be making an appearance.   


  1. I got the best deal in the world! I found these at Marshall's in the CLEARANCE section of all places for $11.00, yes no mistake $11.00. They are the snakeskin version and are as comfy as described above. I would love to have the blue snakeskin version also, but wouldn't be able to afford the regular price. This was one of those shopping days where I just got lucky!