Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It’s been a long time…..Bridal Winter Wonderlands

OMG I drafted this post weeks ago!!! The week this was to go live I got a mean sinus infection and was out for the count.   Its been 2 weeks and I have been so busy trying to catch up, but I am definitely glad to be back!!! I missed expressing myself here and reading all the other great blogs out there. Well the news said that we may get some snow tonight (hopefully not too much). So this post (that I started writing 2 weeks ago) is perfect!  Sorry for being gone so long but my Friday Fab find is going to make up for it!  I'm really excited to share this one (can you tell??)! 

Choosing the date can be one of the hardest and most important decisions you make in the initial phase of weddings planning. If you are trying to save cash or stay on budget having a winter wedding can be a huge reduction in the cost. Many venues have huge reduction costs during these off peaks months Depending on where you live, the temperature and weather conditions may not be as bad as say up North. No matter where you are with the right amount of sparkle and a little creativity you can create a winter wedding worth remembering. Accessorizing for a winter wedding will also add bits of detail that make a remarkable difference for wedding photo ops.

Table decor is always a focal point in wedding pics.  Its usually the one thing that brings the whole theme of your wedding together.  For a winter theme the colors are usually blue, silver and white, but what you can create with this scheme is as endless as your imagination.  I loved the poms stuff with ornaments.

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Of course no one should ever out dress the bride.  No matter your taste - regal elegance or rustic chic - there is a winteer dress for all.  Alot of brides crave the fur for a winter wedding but I wanted to give a an equally glamorous alternative.  Boots and a scarf on a dress?!?  Yes and it's gorgeous!

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  1. Lovely inspiration! Sorry about the sinus infection. :( Glad you're back!