Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twilight Wedding Highlights

 I am in LOVE with the Twilight series {along with millions of teens across the world}.  To me it’s not about the vampire/werewolf hype, but the love between these characters.  Bella has a team of people who are willing to put their lives on the line to ensure her safety, but the deeper love that Edward and Jacob share for her is something hard find in reality.  Two men willing to put their pride aside for a woman’s happiness to let her choose where her heart lies… a true fairy tale {ask your significant other if he would climb to the top of a mountain for you – mine rolled his eyes and walked off}.  In a world that is constantly moving we all need a break from reality to believe in something we can’t see everyday.  The latest installment Breaking Dawn finally brought about the wedding that Twilight fiends like myself couldn’t wait to see.  I must say they did not disappoint.  The décor had details that enveloped the big screen {if you saw it in theaters} and made it feel like you were sitting in a botanical garden.  Of course I couldn’t help but want to know about the details of the wedding and where else would I share them besides here??  The items that made me ooh and aah were Bella’s dress, the flowers that hung from the trees and of course Bella’s shoe

The dress
Carolina Herrera was designed especially for this occasion. Best part of the dress was the back.  Point blank.  The sheer back with the scalloped edges for a touch of detail meshed perfectly together.  The details didn’t stop there.  Starting from the top of the train to the very tip of the train were 152 buttons!!  I barely have the patience to sew on one button that fell from a coat {in fact I have on sitting here as we speak} so I can appreciate this detail.

The flowers

The flowers to me created a canopy affect without actually using a tent.  Wisteria flowers were used to hang from the moss tress to create not only an eye catching detail, but served to block the sunlight from the ceremony.  Two birds with one stone.  Notice there were no glittering vampires during a daylight wedding.

The shoes

We didn’t see much of them but they were made by the one and only Manolo Blahnik. The heel was a 4 1/2 inch pump embellished with crystals for a hint of sparkle.  At one point Neiman’s had the style on sale at a whopping $1,295!!  They did offer them in black and red, because how many times can you where a white satin shoe without it getting dirty??  Anyone up for that challenge?

All in all I think the wedding showed how an outdoors wedding can have a dreamy feel to it {but again this whole series is a dream to me so maybe I can’t be unbiased}.  I haven’t gotten the blu-ray yet but it will make it into my collection fairly soon.  Are there any other Twilight fans out there?  What was your favorite part of the wedding?  Which detail would you like to create for your own day? 


  1. I'm not a fan of the series but I can appreciate your recap of the movie's wedding details. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Blahniks are really pretty!