Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday {Over}haul

This week really did fly by {thank heavens!}.  The weather here in NYC keeps going from warm to cold.  It’s confused on what it would like to be, but I hope it makes a decision to stay warm soon.  So things I want to share from this week………

I booked a trip to Vegas in my birthday month of May.  I will be staying at the Cosmopolitan.  The last time I went to Vegas I was 16 and it was a family trip with my mom and brother.  So I guess this can be considered my first real trip to Vegas!!!  I am SUPER DUPER excited!!  And I promise what happens in Vegas will be posted here :)

I blog surfed for awhile and found these lovely DIY wreaths for any season at Creative Quail. I am thinking of making one for summer when I have a BBQ to decorate the door.  Check it out, she has lots of other options to design.

I took a trip to Target for an exercise ball to keep with my mission of losing weight {133 pounds and still losing yay}.  Of course I came out with more than the one thing I went for.  I got these bright and comfy pumps that I kept seeing on their commercial.  I rarely shop at Target but I may start giving them a second glance.  I wasn’t too excited about the price of $30.  Come on!?  $30 for shoes at Target!!??  But they were too cute to pass up and I say again, COMFY.  I also purchased a bangle on sale for $3 {and I grabbed up a waffle iron and skirt to match the shoes}.  Def spent way too much, but hey what’s a trip to the store without picking up a bunch of items not on your list, right?

{Personal photo taken on iPhone}

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fab Friday Find: Leather Skirt

Happy Friday everyone!  Its gorgeous here in NYC and I am so excited to wear something that is flowy and colorful.  Spring is here!!  While at the mall trying to find a few items for an upcoming trip to Vegas {woohoo} I stumbled upon a deal in Forever 21.  A cutesy leather skirt for only $18 buck-a-roos.  Pair it with a pretty floral top and you are ready for drinks with the girls.  Get a nice pair of feather earrings {only $8} and a white tank top and you have an instant rocker chic look for a party.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridal Fashion: Ball Skirts

This season designers sprinkled the runways with ball gown skirts.  Initially I thought how impractical.  Unless you are a person who attends many black tie events, how many times will you actually get to wear this piece?  Then while reading Departures magazine {yes, I am still trying to plan vacay} my little light bulb went off and I thought weddings!!  Let’s face it bridesmaids gowns come in many different shapes, colors, and styles but putting your ladies in a ball skirt would be the ultimate touch of elegance.  If you think outside the box the skirt can be multi-dimensional.  With a chic silk blouse and pearls it fits a traditional formal wedding.  If you want to be a bit edgy throw on some lace gloves with an off the shoulder shirt and you have an instantly edgy, yet sophisticated look.  Best part is that the look will be unique to your day as you won’t have the usually cookie cutter brides maid dress from a bridal salon.  If you feel having a line of bridesmaids in long skirts it too much how about just styling the mother of the bride.  Imagine how stunning she would look in the dramatic silhouette with a classic color palette.  Whether you go for a full skirt with ruffled tulle like the one SJP rocked in Marie Claire or tone it down with straight lines with the Kate Spade Belle Collection.  No matter which you choose your ‘gown’ will be your vision and aisle is the runway.  

 {Top Row: White. Silver, Beige, Floral}
{Bottom Row: SJP, Black skirt is personal photo taken on iphone from Departures magazine}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Believing is Achieving

 WAIT!!??  It’s 75 degrees in NYC in MARCH!!!???  But I had sooooo many plans to do inside for winter, clean my closets, rearrange my bathrooms cabinets (way too many products), and even clear off my pc!!  Now you are telling me that I can go outside, sit in my backyard and enjoy the sun!!??  The irony is that last year I insisted that the snow and bitter cold wouldn’t keep me from being out and enjoying the world and I spent many days caught in snow and bone chilling winds.  This year I decided that I would go with the flow instead of trying to make my own path and what happens….the flow doesn’t go as I expect {shrugs shoulders}.  At the start of the year I made a New Year’s resolution that I would lose weight.  In effort to make this goal a complete reality I joined Weight Watchers.  Let me say by no means am I overweight.  I began WW at a mere 140 pounds and according to both WW and my doctor I was a healthy weight for my height and body type.  Of course having dreams of being a supermodel {I read way too many fashion magazines and my perception of reality is sometimes off} I felt my doctor nor WW knew what they are talking about.  I threw their professional opinions out the window {along with some of my sanity}.  Last summer I had a trainer and my weight was at 126 lbs.  I started my 8 week training  session with the goal of eating healthy and clean and I stuck with it until stress from work kicked in.  Mind you I was in a deep funk about my job at the time and was eating horribly {pringles, peanut butter and jelly, Kozy Shack rice pudding} and I still managed to lose weight.  After being on WW for the past 4 weeks I have lost 1lb a week.  This is with me counting ‘points’ and working out 3 times a week.   So I am currently at 136 pounds.  It’s not a miracle weight loss story but progress is being made.   You may ask   why not just get your trainer back if that worked well?  My trainer costs $1600 for about 12 sessions {you get what you pay for} and when I left that stressful job I had to leave the gym that she trains at.   for about 12 sessions {you get what you pay for} and when I left that stressful job I had to leave the gym that she trains at. So now I am stuck doing it for myself.  WW was offered for free with my job and I figured out the secret of how it works.  You starve the first 2 weeks and eventually your body gets so used to it that it becomes happy to just have the smallest amount of food put in your mouth.  Last week I stuck to my allocated WW points and had oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  By time it came pole class started I had absolutely no energy!!  But who needs energy to when you are on a mission to be skinny right!!??  I am rethinking the WW because when I workout I do weight training and WW isn’t allowing me enough protein to maintain energy with my workouts.   

With every mission in life you need to specify a goal to help motivate and keep focus on the end results.  My final goal is to fit back into my pocket shorts.  I now have them hanging from my dresser so I can wake up and see my goal and go to bed at night remembering why I may be in pain for the moment.  I bought these last year and they fit PERFECT!!  You know those pair of shorts that you put on, head out to the beach and just let your legs catch some rays.  Pair it with the perfect pair of wedges and I am off to a barbeque.  They were just THE pair of shorts for me.  Now I can {barely} get in them and when I look at myself in the mirror I quickly say, “Please take these off and do not wear them outside and embarrass yourself into thinking you wouldn’t be a part of what not to wear.”  Wearing these shorts have officially become my end goal.  4 pounds down already and now I am focusing on toning this month.  Ultimate goal is to be back at 126 by the month of June.     

{personal photo}

So ladies, what are your ultimate goals for the summer?  Any item in your wardrobe you want to fitback into?  We can do it together!  Also, if you have been on WW before how did it work out for you?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inviting VIP's to Celebrate your Big Day

So once the guest list is finalized and you decide on which family and friends to invite you may want to think about adding a few extra invites to your order. A lot of leg work in planning your wedding is where many memories {good or bad} are created. Why not take the time to invite some VIPs to share in your huge day and save their responses for your wedding book. Who you may ask? How about Minnie and Mickey Mouse? If you dare to dream bigger than Disney, how about inviting the President of the United States? Although you may pass on having your wedding in Disney World, with Cinderella’s castle in the backdrop of your pictures, you can still get some well wishes from the only 2 mice in the world that people travel to meet in person. The trick with inviting Minnie and Mickey is that your invite can go to either Disneyland {California} or Disney World {Florida}. I know invites can get pricey so you may just want to choose just one. Either location will reply with the same items. You will get a signed photograph of Minnie and Mickey with you and your spouses’ name sending well wishes.


Mickey & Minnie

The Walt Disney Company

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, California 91521

Disney World:

The Magic Kingdom

C/O Mickey & Minnie Mouse

1675 N Buena Vista Drive

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Now to get a bit more sophisticated and fancy you can also send one off to the White House. Of course the First couple won’t be able to attend, {even if they were, could you afford to have all the extra people in their security detail!?} but they will send a personally signed regret letter.

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama

The White House

Greetings Office Rm. 39

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20500

I also found an address for the Pope for those who are catholic but no one seems to actually receive a response from him. The Queen of England also accepts invites, but only responds if you are British. I guess us American fans can kick coquettes.

If you do invite Minnie and Mickey a few snafus I have heard is that they may either misspell your name or the ink may get smudged during delivery. The links are a few easy ways to rectify the situation! How much do you really expect from a mouse that can write??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Building Sisterhood through Fashion

This week I read an article that really touched me and wanted to share.  In the March issue of Marie Claire the mastermind behind Kate Spade showed her journey through Rwanda, on a mission to uplift the women of the country.  If any of you browse Kate Spade you know of her hand in hand merchandise in which 25% of a sale is donated to organizations which help women in war torn countries.  I actually purchased a hand in hand bangle last year on a whim and figured at least the money will go to a good cause.  I am not a regular at Kate Spade – her merchandise is one of those things I put on my birthday/Christmas/wish one day someone would buy it for me list and cross my fingers that someone who loves me has mercy on me and thinks I am worthy of what I asked for.  This article is making me put her merchandise on my list of things to save for.  Kate Spade has partnered with Women for Women International to create jobs for women by training them to manufacture and create goods that will be sold in Kate Spade stores.  Ok to be honesty my OCD and vanity set in when I saw a picture of these women sitting on floors in huts weaving bags from scratch.  Then I continued reading the article and felt shamed and ignorant for having such a thought, because I remembered so many goods from very high end stores are made in the poorest countries in the nastiest of conditions.  We never see these items in production,  we only see the final product with a nice pretty price tag in an overpriced store.  Truth be told I appreciate these women creating products one by one with their own hands {and feet} because it really shows that their time and heart went into creating the item rather than being mass produced in some factory.  One of the women in the article said that since she began making pieces for Kate Spade she now has her own income which means her husband can no longer ration her meat anymore.  He also can’t beat her because now she knows her rights.  I can never imagine having to be under the control of one person who controls how much food I can have.   Even worse to have them come back and physically abuse me after controlling my food.  Then everyday leave an abusive home, only to be in danger when you walk down the street in fear that some militant group may take your life.  These women immediately gained not only my compassion but my utmost respect.  Through all of this they manage to smile and have the vision to create beauty.  To stay positive when your life is surrounded by struggle and strife is a quality not many people attain.  Through this blog and the wedding network I have met so many wonderful and helpful women.  I feel that as women we somehow share a common thread amongst our differences and are able to agree on one thing – being a woman sure isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth the journey.  You can learn more about the work Kate Spade is doing to help women here.  Also you can check out the article I read in the March issue of Marie Claire.  If it touches on you as it did for me come back and let me know. 

Everyone have a beautiful weekend!!!   Hopefully you are getting a taste of spring in the weather.

 {Photo taken with camera from Marie Claire}

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rustic Chic Backyard Affair

So I have been a busy busy bee.  Between work, working out {spring is near – crop tops anyone?} and creating ideas for a new wedding I have taken on, time flies.  Let’s also not forget my pole classes during the week which afterwards I am worth nothing but a lump and exhaustion balled under my sheets.  I just wanted to make this quick post to share my inspiration board for the current wedding on the agenda.  The bride decided to use purple and orange as her color scheme.  The location is her backyard patio in NYC.  The theme we are going for is rustic elegance with a sprinkle of chic.  She wants to incorporate real and paper flowers along with mason jars.  If any of you know a backyard in NYC is probably a fourth of the size of your average yard.  So the challenge is to make the most use of the space, while not doing so much that it looks crowded and messy.  My vision is to use sheer paneling to cover the walls and a fence to give a softer feel to the space.  The bed in my inspiration board represents seating.  The bride’s idea was to have pillows on the ground for people to sit and talk.  The letters are of course to add a simple touch of personalization and what’s a DIY photo booth without a ribbon wall??!!  We will be buried in DIY projects until the wedding which is quickly approaching as the couple decided on a June date.  In the end it will be all worth it to see the inspiration board become a reality. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday {Over}haul


Well I can’t believe that spring is quickly approaching!! I have already started to build my spring wardrobe. My closet is going to be full of bright colors and flowy tops. Now my clothes from last spring I am hoping that I can {comfortably} fit into them really soon as I been very diligent in my healthy eating and work outs. I don’t know what happens during winter, but every winter I lose the body I had in the summer. And every summer the body I have for that summer is not the body I had last summer. Anyone can relate??? What is funny is that people around me say I look fine or they don’t see what I mean {maybe they are trying to be nice}, but I feel it where it hurts - in my closet. I am just elated that I made it to another Friday….

If you are looking for some majorly cute jewelry for your spring wardrobe head over to Brooklyn Thread and enter to win their arm jewelry giveaway. Joanna is great I recently added a few more of her pieces to my collection.

I have been looking to update my luggage as the TSA/baggage handlers have abused mine beyond repair during my travels. Anyone has a private jet lol? I have had my eye on the Diane Von Furstenberg Maggie collection at Macy’s for awhile. I’m waiting on the price to go down and will get the animal print. I am still deciding on if I want the material or hard case set. I think the hard case set would be nice, but I lose the pouches on the outside of the luggage and I desperately stuff those with last minute travel items. Anyone have hard case luggage that can shed some light on my dilemma??

Still stewing over here on wedding ideas for a June bride. Came across a great DIY via two wedding belles that the bride and I both want to do. Maybe we can hang rope words from the couples chair’s during the reception…..

I am having the hardest time deciding on where to vacation this year since I have to take the new luggage on a trip once I finally get it. At first we settled on Hawaii but I couldn’t find a hotel that met my standards. Call me picky, but on vacay I want to have accommodations either close to what I have at home or better. Other than that why vacay and be uncomfy. St. Lucia is the next idea but I am still not completely sold on it. I am looking for a beach and fun in the sun. I have done Costa Rica, Los Cabos, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. What are places you have been and enjoyed on vacay?