Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridal Fashion: Ball Skirts

This season designers sprinkled the runways with ball gown skirts.  Initially I thought how impractical.  Unless you are a person who attends many black tie events, how many times will you actually get to wear this piece?  Then while reading Departures magazine {yes, I am still trying to plan vacay} my little light bulb went off and I thought weddings!!  Let’s face it bridesmaids gowns come in many different shapes, colors, and styles but putting your ladies in a ball skirt would be the ultimate touch of elegance.  If you think outside the box the skirt can be multi-dimensional.  With a chic silk blouse and pearls it fits a traditional formal wedding.  If you want to be a bit edgy throw on some lace gloves with an off the shoulder shirt and you have an instantly edgy, yet sophisticated look.  Best part is that the look will be unique to your day as you won’t have the usually cookie cutter brides maid dress from a bridal salon.  If you feel having a line of bridesmaids in long skirts it too much how about just styling the mother of the bride.  Imagine how stunning she would look in the dramatic silhouette with a classic color palette.  Whether you go for a full skirt with ruffled tulle like the one SJP rocked in Marie Claire or tone it down with straight lines with the Kate Spade Belle Collection.  No matter which you choose your ‘gown’ will be your vision and aisle is the runway.  

 {Top Row: White. Silver, Beige, Floral}
{Bottom Row: SJP, Black skirt is personal photo taken on iphone from Departures magazine}