Friday, March 9, 2012

Building Sisterhood through Fashion

This week I read an article that really touched me and wanted to share.  In the March issue of Marie Claire the mastermind behind Kate Spade showed her journey through Rwanda, on a mission to uplift the women of the country.  If any of you browse Kate Spade you know of her hand in hand merchandise in which 25% of a sale is donated to organizations which help women in war torn countries.  I actually purchased a hand in hand bangle last year on a whim and figured at least the money will go to a good cause.  I am not a regular at Kate Spade – her merchandise is one of those things I put on my birthday/Christmas/wish one day someone would buy it for me list and cross my fingers that someone who loves me has mercy on me and thinks I am worthy of what I asked for.  This article is making me put her merchandise on my list of things to save for.  Kate Spade has partnered with Women for Women International to create jobs for women by training them to manufacture and create goods that will be sold in Kate Spade stores.  Ok to be honesty my OCD and vanity set in when I saw a picture of these women sitting on floors in huts weaving bags from scratch.  Then I continued reading the article and felt shamed and ignorant for having such a thought, because I remembered so many goods from very high end stores are made in the poorest countries in the nastiest of conditions.  We never see these items in production,  we only see the final product with a nice pretty price tag in an overpriced store.  Truth be told I appreciate these women creating products one by one with their own hands {and feet} because it really shows that their time and heart went into creating the item rather than being mass produced in some factory.  One of the women in the article said that since she began making pieces for Kate Spade she now has her own income which means her husband can no longer ration her meat anymore.  He also can’t beat her because now she knows her rights.  I can never imagine having to be under the control of one person who controls how much food I can have.   Even worse to have them come back and physically abuse me after controlling my food.  Then everyday leave an abusive home, only to be in danger when you walk down the street in fear that some militant group may take your life.  These women immediately gained not only my compassion but my utmost respect.  Through all of this they manage to smile and have the vision to create beauty.  To stay positive when your life is surrounded by struggle and strife is a quality not many people attain.  Through this blog and the wedding network I have met so many wonderful and helpful women.  I feel that as women we somehow share a common thread amongst our differences and are able to agree on one thing – being a woman sure isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth the journey.  You can learn more about the work Kate Spade is doing to help women here.  Also you can check out the article I read in the March issue of Marie Claire.  If it touches on you as it did for me come back and let me know. 

Everyone have a beautiful weekend!!!   Hopefully you are getting a taste of spring in the weather.

 {Photo taken with camera from Marie Claire}

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  1. Wow...such a powerful message! I too cannot really afford Kate Spade, but this makes me definitely put it on the top of my lists of wants. Thanks for sharing!