Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday {Over}haul


Well I can’t believe that spring is quickly approaching!! I have already started to build my spring wardrobe. My closet is going to be full of bright colors and flowy tops. Now my clothes from last spring I am hoping that I can {comfortably} fit into them really soon as I been very diligent in my healthy eating and work outs. I don’t know what happens during winter, but every winter I lose the body I had in the summer. And every summer the body I have for that summer is not the body I had last summer. Anyone can relate??? What is funny is that people around me say I look fine or they don’t see what I mean {maybe they are trying to be nice}, but I feel it where it hurts - in my closet. I am just elated that I made it to another Friday….

If you are looking for some majorly cute jewelry for your spring wardrobe head over to Brooklyn Thread and enter to win their arm jewelry giveaway. Joanna is great I recently added a few more of her pieces to my collection.

I have been looking to update my luggage as the TSA/baggage handlers have abused mine beyond repair during my travels. Anyone has a private jet lol? I have had my eye on the Diane Von Furstenberg Maggie collection at Macy’s for awhile. I’m waiting on the price to go down and will get the animal print. I am still deciding on if I want the material or hard case set. I think the hard case set would be nice, but I lose the pouches on the outside of the luggage and I desperately stuff those with last minute travel items. Anyone have hard case luggage that can shed some light on my dilemma??

Still stewing over here on wedding ideas for a June bride. Came across a great DIY via two wedding belles that the bride and I both want to do. Maybe we can hang rope words from the couples chair’s during the reception…..

I am having the hardest time deciding on where to vacation this year since I have to take the new luggage on a trip once I finally get it. At first we settled on Hawaii but I couldn’t find a hotel that met my standards. Call me picky, but on vacay I want to have accommodations either close to what I have at home or better. Other than that why vacay and be uncomfy. St. Lucia is the next idea but I am still not completely sold on it. I am looking for a beach and fun in the sun. I have done Costa Rica, Los Cabos, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. What are places you have been and enjoyed on vacay?

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  1. That's an adorable DIY - love the rope words!