Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday {Over}haul

This week really did fly by {thank heavens!}.  The weather here in NYC keeps going from warm to cold.  It’s confused on what it would like to be, but I hope it makes a decision to stay warm soon.  So things I want to share from this week………

I booked a trip to Vegas in my birthday month of May.  I will be staying at the Cosmopolitan.  The last time I went to Vegas I was 16 and it was a family trip with my mom and brother.  So I guess this can be considered my first real trip to Vegas!!!  I am SUPER DUPER excited!!  And I promise what happens in Vegas will be posted here :)

I blog surfed for awhile and found these lovely DIY wreaths for any season at Creative Quail. I am thinking of making one for summer when I have a BBQ to decorate the door.  Check it out, she has lots of other options to design.

I took a trip to Target for an exercise ball to keep with my mission of losing weight {133 pounds and still losing yay}.  Of course I came out with more than the one thing I went for.  I got these bright and comfy pumps that I kept seeing on their commercial.  I rarely shop at Target but I may start giving them a second glance.  I wasn’t too excited about the price of $30.  Come on!?  $30 for shoes at Target!!??  But they were too cute to pass up and I say again, COMFY.  I also purchased a bangle on sale for $3 {and I grabbed up a waffle iron and skirt to match the shoes}.  Def spent way too much, but hey what’s a trip to the store without picking up a bunch of items not on your list, right?

{Personal photo taken on iPhone}

Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. Target is an awesome place to shop! I tend to buy at least one item of clothing whenever I go in there. And...everyone always gives compliments on the item or asks where I got it. Awesome!

    Love the shoes and the wreath :-)

  2. Cute wreath - love the peacock feather!