Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rustic Chic Backyard Affair

So I have been a busy busy bee.  Between work, working out {spring is near – crop tops anyone?} and creating ideas for a new wedding I have taken on, time flies.  Let’s also not forget my pole classes during the week which afterwards I am worth nothing but a lump and exhaustion balled under my sheets.  I just wanted to make this quick post to share my inspiration board for the current wedding on the agenda.  The bride decided to use purple and orange as her color scheme.  The location is her backyard patio in NYC.  The theme we are going for is rustic elegance with a sprinkle of chic.  She wants to incorporate real and paper flowers along with mason jars.  If any of you know a backyard in NYC is probably a fourth of the size of your average yard.  So the challenge is to make the most use of the space, while not doing so much that it looks crowded and messy.  My vision is to use sheer paneling to cover the walls and a fence to give a softer feel to the space.  The bed in my inspiration board represents seating.  The bride’s idea was to have pillows on the ground for people to sit and talk.  The letters are of course to add a simple touch of personalization and what’s a DIY photo booth without a ribbon wall??!!  We will be buried in DIY projects until the wedding which is quickly approaching as the couple decided on a June date.  In the end it will be all worth it to see the inspiration board become a reality. 

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