Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Season Premiere of The B---- in Apt 23

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a pre-screening hosted by NY Magazine of the new show The B----- in Apt 23.  Initially I was going to pass on going because…  1. I was going to be just lazy and 2. why go pre-screen when the show is actually going to be on tv?  Then the email said there would be snacks and drinks (wine), plus it was being held at the Tribeca Theater which I have been dying to see the inside of since I moved to NYC.  Another huge plus was that all the NY Magazine events I got to are always worth it.   So the good outweighed the bad and I drug my friend along with me. In case the show was boring as heck at least someone was there suffering with me, because who wants to suffer alone right (lol)?.  Well, the show actually had a few good laughs and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The show definitely has some areas where it can be better, but for the 2 episodes we saw it is certainly worth watching to see how the show and characters grow.  It is nice to see Krysten Ritter coming into her own as a lead character.  Her role in Confessions of a Shopaholic (one of my most relatable movies) and 27 dresses showed lots of potential towards her development as a lead actress.  She also recently did a spread in Marie Claire magazine which showed her in high fashion.  Ritter has the makings of being a multi-faceted star.  She fits in to the not too dark but not over the top girl next door and realistic characters are breath of fresh air.  Hope you tune in!! If you do let me know what you think.

{photo via email from NY Magazine}

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  1. I recorded the premiere, so I have yet to watch it but it looks entertaining. Sounds like an awesome event to me! Sometimes I do wish I lived in NYC...