Kewain (pronounced Key - wahn)

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA I grew up knowing that good food, great music and wonderful people is what makes an event truly special. My passion for planning was discovered when I moved to New York after graduating from college. After planning a few birthday parties for friends which were always spent doing the same thing – dinner at a restaurant and party afterwards - I realized our birthdays were the times to celebrate and showcase each person’s uniqueness. I began planning ‘themed’ birthday parties for friends and discovered a new love for events. Soon I was ready to take on more planning and volunteered to help a friend plan her engagement party which (thankfully) turned out successful. I quickly realized how happy I was reading bridal blogs and magazines to help my friend with ideas for her wedding. As time passed more and more people helped me to realize this was a talent I should pursue and Nolabelle Soireés was born. Long after the last guest leaves, the last laugh is laughed or the last tear is shed the memories created will be long remembered and cherished after and I want to help create those precious moments.

I love cooking (it’s a Southern thing), shopping (I definitely relate to the part in confessions of a shopaholic when the Saks mannequins spoke to her) and meeting new people. Do not hesitate to leave a comment, ask a question or just say hi. I’m Kewain and I can’t wait to meet you!